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Benešová M.: Water Ecosystem Management in the North of Europe

autorka: Markéta Benešová

Benešová M.: Water Ecosystem Management in the North of Europe

The article presents experience from water ecosystem management in Finland and Denmark.

Currently, the ecological quality status of most of Finlands inland waters is either good or high. However, approx. 40% of total river length is not good. In 2009, regional river basin management plans were adopted together aiming at a quality status of “good” or “high” for 90% of the lake water surface by 2015. Measures taken in the field try to reduce eutrophication in the Finnish inland waters. In Finland, a comprehensive water resource monitoring scheme has been carried out by public administration, focusing on biological as well as on morphological, physical and chemical features. Thus, the particular water ecosystem is monitored before and after its restoration. In past, in Denmark water courses were significantly affected by humans and many habitats were reclaimed for agriculture production. Similarly to Finland, Danish inland waters have also been suffering from massive eutrophication. In addition to restoration measures, Denmark also pays attention to changes in water course management.