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Ochrana přírody 2010 2. 8. 2010 Zvláštní číslo

Monitoring the Site Attendance by Visitors in the Liberec Region

autor: Petr Bláha

Monitoring the Site Attendance by Visitors in the Liberec Region

For improving visitor infrastructure in the Liberec Region (North Bohemia), the key tourist routes should be improved and restored: the activities have been carried out by municipalities and co-financed from various European Community’s funds/financial mechanisms.

In addition, attendance of the individual sites by visitors should also be monitored. Therefore, in 2002 the Liberec Regional Authority/Administration commissioned the study entitled as Objective and Open-minded Measurements of Human Impacts and Loads at the Tourist Sites. The study analyses the current state of the topic in a comprehensive manner. In 2003, based on the study, the Regional Authority/Administration placed two turnstiles for monitoring visitors at the most frequently visited sites. Consequently, five more turnstiles were added there in 2004. At present, compatible outputs obtained from visitor monitoring in 2005–2009 are available. The results can by used by various bodies for analyses of and proposing various measures. For example, different patterns in Saturday and Sunday visitor attendance of the Josef Důl Water Reservoir has allowed to change tourist bus line schedule and tourist routes were improved and restored to provide visitors with higher safety and more comfort. The measures were applied in reasonable controlling visitors. In 2005–2009, approx. 40 million CZK (1.56 million euros) were invested into such measures.