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Tourism – An Important Economic Sector and a Significant Factor in Destination Developments

důležitá součást ekonomiky a významný faktor rozvoje destinací

autorka: Jarmila Indrová

Tourism – An Important Economic Sector and a Significant Factor in Destination Developments

Tourism has currently been an important part of many national economies. Population share on tourism is important benchmark of the country’s living standard. Tourism development is supported by a range of factors related to Earth’s human population growth, improving its health and education, which gradually overcomes language barriers and encourages the exploration of new places, cultures and experience unusual adventures.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) forecast foresees for 2020 a further growth in tourism, which has reached 1,006.4 million arrivals in 2010 and for 2020 even 1,561.1 million arrivals are projected. In comparison of 2000 with 2020 more than double increase in international travel arrivals is expected. Based on the present tourism growth development rate in different regions, the largest expansion in East Asia and the Pacific shall occur. In 2020, the above region shall overtake America in the number of arrivals: the international tourism growth would be lower in the later in 2000–2020. Increased growth in international tourism will be found in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. It is expected that Europe shall be continuing in leading the absolute number of arrivals, but together with America will display substantial reduction in the growth rate. The Czech Republic has very good conditions for tourism development, both natural and cultural-historical. Tourism affects many sectors of the national economy, promotes employment and is a source of income for the state budget and budgets of regions. Tourism has become a part of the human consumption and livelihoods.