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Ochrana přírody 2010 2. 8. 2010 Zvláštní číslo

Importance of Tourism Monitoring

autor: Zdeněk Patzelt

Importance of Tourism Monitoring

At present, parts of the landscape with well preserved nature, particularly protected areas, are among sites with most rapidly developing tourism in the Czech Republic as well as globally.

Therefore, it can be assumed that in connection with further human development and with consequent globalization, tourists shall visit increasingly protected areas. Tourism monitoring aims at conserving protected areas against an excessive load caused by visitors and at the same time, at allowing as much use of the economic capacity in naturally attractive areas by tourism as possible. The need to calculate economic benefits generated by protected areas is another reason why tourism should be monitored there. In the Czech Republic, the Ministries of the Environment and of Regional Development have been preparing methods and techniques for monitoring visitor destinations in a broad sense and establishing a governmental tourism monitoring scheme has also been under preparation.