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Ochrana přírody 2010 2. 8. 2010 Zvláštní číslo

How a State Nature Conservancy Authority Should Tackle Holiday-Making and Sports

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autoři: Jiří Hušek, Ondřej Vítek

How a State Nature Conservancy Authority Should Tackle Holiday-Making and Sports

The general public has been sensitive to any limitation to spending leisure or holiday time in nature. In addition, every decision in this field affects many people. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the decision-making.

The Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic’s Expert Group on Holiday-making, Sports and Tourism supports the above process in the State Nature Conservancy, particularly by issuing methodological documents and by consultations based on the experience from both the whole territory of the Czech Republic and abroad. The main principles that should be followed during the decision-making include keeping the fair-mindedness as much as possible, allowing the public to spent the time in nature in a high quality way, getting personal experience on the issue to be assessed, a rational application of precautionary principle and appropriate explanation and justification of the decision taken. New trends, both positive and negative, should be addressed in a timely manner and effectively. These are not necessarily always new activities, since changes in intensity of implemented activities or in patterns in a user group behavior can also influence nature.