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Ochrana přírody 2010 2. 8. 2010 Zvláštní číslo

Entrance Fees and Protected Areas

autor: Zdeněk Patzelt

Entrance Fees and Protected Areas

In the Czech Republic, similarly to most of European countries, entrance fees into protected areas have not been collected by governmental authorities.

Because the Government has been investing into nature conservation and making it accessible, favourable conditions for entrepreneurs, particularly in tourism, have been made. Moreover, fees are collected by non-governmental bodies at a lot of the sites. Due to an increasing trend to significantly reduce costs of the State/Public Administration, it shall be strategically necessary to diversify financial sources. Therefore, collecting entrance fees is one of possibilities for that. Thus, those who most often visit protected areas can contribute to protected areas management. Experience from abroad shows that introducing reasonable fees does not reduce visitor numbers, but it improves services for visitors as well as the given protected area management.