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Pešout P., Šoltysová L. & Licek T.: Will the Houses of Nature Be in the Czech Republic?

autoři: Pavel Pešout, Lenka Šoltysová, Tomáš Licek

Pešout P., Šoltysová L. & Licek T.: Will the Houses of Nature Be in the Czech Republic?

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA CR) has been paying special attention to visitor infrastructure in Specially Protected Areas as well as to communication, education and public awareness.

Within such efforts, the Houses of Nature Programme, carried out in 2007–2008, was an important tool. The Programme allows to co-operate with partners from the particular region (PPP, Public – Private partnership). Within the project, the NCA CR developed the Consistent Architecture Line, a manual for developing visitor centres and a lay-out manual. The designing the particular Houses of Nature has been co-ordinated at the national level. The NCA CR supports running and operations all the Houses of Nature, including those which are not built by it. It is supposed that the operator shall cover two thirds of costs, using benefits from its activities and from local and regional financial sources. In 2010, the first NCA CRs House of Nature was open – the Třeboň Region House of Nature. Originally, the intention had been to build 15 visitor centres across the country in 2007–2013. Nevertheless, due to budgetary restrictions, only five of them were selected to be built, namely in the Litovelské Pomoraví/Litovel Morava River Basin, Moravský kras/Moravian Karst, Slavkovský les/Slavkov Forest Mts., Žďárské vrchy Hills and the Český kras/Bohemian Karst.