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Non-profit Organizations and Nature Conservation

autor: Jakub Kašpar

Non-profit Organizations and Nature Conservation

The author presents a current crucial role of non-governmental non-profit organisations in nature conservation in the Czech Republic.

On the one hand, they implement practical nature conservation management measures, particularly in small-size Specially Protected Areas, manage areas which are not covered by the State Nature Conservancy authorities and significantly contribute to species protection. A non-replaceable role is played by land trusts, non-profits organisations purchasing from a point of view of nature valuable lands: as owners, they implement appropriate nature conservation measures there. In mass media, participation of non-profits organisation in administrative procedures under Act No. 114/1992 Gazette on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape, as amended later, in planning and permission procedures and in legal disputes, when they try to prevent constructing buildings which could degrade or destruct nature is most frequently mentioned. NGOs involvement in sustainable development, environment protection and nature conservation related communication, education and public awareness has been also crucial. Activities of non-profit organisations in the Czech Republic are not possible without support from foundations. In addition to foreign sources, more domestic sources have been used for this purpose.