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Coufalová D.: A New Facility in the Mladeč Caves

autorka: Drahomíra Coufalová

Coufalová D.: A New Facility in the Mladeč Caves

The Mladeč Caves are an important speleological and particularly archaeological site, because of a ritual burial ground of anatomically modern humans Homo sapiens sapiens from the Upper Palaeolithic Age (more than 31,000 years ago) found there.

The site is the European northernmost one, harbouring plenty of skeletal remnants as well as human products (e.g., stone instruments, fireplaces, etc.). The Mladeč Cave Administration has step-by-step implemented measures aiming at improved presentation of the caves to the public as a cave of the Cro-Magnon man. The measures include, inter alia, restoration of an entrance facility with a building in the style of the famous Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič. In the building, there is an updated exposition on the Cro-Magnon man.