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Bureš J.: The Lužnice River – a River Axis of the Třeboň Basin Protected Landscape Area and an Impor

a významný přírodní i turistický fenomén

autor: Jiří Bureš

Bureš J.: The Lužnice River – a River Axis of the Třeboň Basin Protected Landscape Area and an Impor

The Lužnice River flows through the Třeboň Basin and its Protected Landscape Area (PLA) northward, being a natural axis of the region.

By making a riverbed and flow fluctuations, the river influences natural ecosystem development as well as human activities on the most of the PLAs territory. The Lužnice Rivers stretch reaching more than 50 kilometres in length and located between its inflow into South Bohemia close to the village of Krabonoš and the Stará řeka/Old River inflow into the Rožmberk Fishpond is one of the best preserved naturally meandering watercourses in sand alluvium in the Czech Republic. Therefore, the State Nature Conservancy authorities aim particularly at maintaining rivers biological and landscape forming functions and at minimizing drivers negatively affecting water environment quality and related habitats. At the same time, the Lužnice Rivers holiday-making potential is used: general public is allowed also to visit valuable habitats provided that the protected phenomena are not threatened. From the village of Suchdol nad Lužnicí, the river is navigable for tourist crafts and boats. The most valuable sites can be also visited from many tourist/holiday routes and bike trails. At present, the legal protection of the Lužnice River and natural processes in its floodplain is sufficiently provided with five extensive small-size Specially Protected Areas. In addition, the whole area is a part of the PLAs Zone I and II as well as the large Central Třeboň Basin Site of European Importance (pursuant to Act No. 114/1992 Gazette on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape, as amended later, the term for Site of Community Importance, SCI under the European Unions Habitats Directive).