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Lehký J.: The Beskydy Mts. Protected Landscape Area, a Prodigious Piece of the Carpathians

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autor: Jiří Lehký

Lehký J.: The Beskydy Mts. Protected Landscape Area, a Prodigious Piece of the Carpathians

The Beskydy Mts. Protected Landscape Area (PLA), celebrating the 40thanniversary of its establishment in 2013, is the largest PLA in the Czech Republic.

It is situated in the countrys eastern part, near the Czech-Slovak border, and it consists of three mountains within the Western Carpathians Flysch Belt, namely of the Moravskoslezské Beskydy/Moravian-Silesian Beskids Mts., Vsetín Hills and the Javorníky Mts. Mt. Lysá hora is the highest peak, reaching 1,324 m a.s.l. Due to its location just on the western edge of the extensive Carpathian mountain range, the area harbours phenomena common in countries like Slovakia, Ukraine or Romania, but unique within the Czech Republic. Among them, the landscape scenery/character influenced by Wallachian and forest clearing colonization in the 15thto 18thcentury, pseudokarst in flysch rocks or remnants of Carpathian fir-beech primary forests should be mentioned. Other unique features include occurrence of large carnivores (the Eurasian Lynx Lynx lynx, Grey Wolf Canis lupusand Brown Bear Ursus arctos) and other Carpathian wild plants and animals. So many pastures with junipers cannot be found elsewhere in the Czech Republic. In comparison with other borderland mountains in the Czech Republic, the area had been colonised late and in contrast to other boundary mountains, it was not affected by transfers of inhabitants after the Word War II. The PLA has been permanently inhabited by humans and traditional management measures have been applied for a long time there. At present, due to proximity of the Ostrava industrial region, the PLA has been becoming more and more popular destination for short-term recreation and holiday-making. In addition, interest in dwelling there has been also increasing. Therefore, main PLAs Administration activities include efforts to control the above pressure, support to traditional agricultural practices as well as to close to nature forest management and communication with, education of and raising awareness among the general public. The Administrations seat is located at Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, which has become famous particularly due its skansen (The Wallachian Open Air Museum), one of the oldest in the Czech Republic.