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jeskyní ČR. V tištěné podobě vychází již od roku 1946.

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Černá L., Gabrielová J., Münzbergová Z., Mináriková T.

Priority druhové ochrany cévnatých rostlin

autoři: Lucie Černá, Jarmila Gabrielová, Zuzana  Münzbergová, Tereza Mináriková, Tomáš Dostálek

Černá L., Gabrielová J., Münzbergová Z., Mináriková T.

The number of species threatened with extinction due to human activities has been increasing and it is hardly possible to reverse the trend and to prevent further reduction in all endangered species numbers. It is thus necessary to set clear priorities in species protection and to select species that are necessary to be protected, e.g.through action plans.

For detailed assessment of actual vulnerability of species, we need very good knowledge of factors, which are connected with their rarity and endangerment (drivers). Within the project “Prioritization of vascular plants for species conservation”, the authors focused on critically endangered vascular plant species of the Czech Republic (category C1 according to the Red List, Procházka 2001) to establish a basis for informed decision making, which plant species should be suggested for action plans. The project consisted of two main parts – (1) collecting and evaluating the information on biology, ecology, habitat requirements of the C1 species, their distribution range, endangerment in other European countries and their past and current distribution within the Czech Republic and (2) detailed studies on population biology and genetics of selected C1 species. Analysis of information on all C1 species allowed evaluation of the causes of their rarity and the identification of the species deserving priority protection. Detailed study on the life cycle in the model C1 species has brought much new knowledge applicable for their effective conservation. The data on C1 species obtained in the project are accessible to the public in the Database of C1 plants within the Nature Conservancy Information System (http://portal.nature.cz/c1/rostliny/).