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Šedina P. & Bejček P.: On the Entry and Access of Vehicles to Specially Protected Areas in the Czech

do zvláště chráněných území v České republice

autoři: Petr Šedina, Petr Bejček

In the Czech Republic, a possibility to enter into the landscape has been traditional. Freedom of movement and residence is guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, but it can be restricted by a law because of nature conservation reasons for that.

Thus, there are some legal tools how to prohibit or restrict the entry and access of vehicles in the specific part of an area. Pursuant to Act No. 114/1992 Gazette on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape, as amended later, they include the prohibition to step, and to drive, out of roads marked with an approval of a State Nature Conservancy authority, with the exception of owners and tenants of the land, or a possibility to prohibit entrance into the Specially Protected Areas (SPAs) in the case of risk of their damage or destruction. As a conceptual economic tool, pursuant to Article 25 of the above act, there is a possibility to collect fees for entry and access of vehicles into National Parks. Nevertheless this tool ha snot been more elaborated. Therefore, it cannot be applied in practice. At present, no fees are collected for access of vehicles in National Park, pursuant the above provision. In SPAs, fees are collected as a contribution to their management, not as primarily fees for entry. Collecting fees for entry to show caves is another example. They are collected by the Cave Administration of the Czech Republic, because a cave is neither legally a part of the landscape nor has an owner. Collecting fees for entry into SPAs is being debated and assumed introducing the fees has to take some different issues into account. They include the amount of the fee, the subject allowed to collect the fees and other issues. The general public response and the impacts of such activities on the individual SPAs is also of great importance.