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Pešout P., Hůlková J. & Tomášková L.: Ten Years of Payments for Compensation for Complication in Agr

autoři: Jana Hůlková, Pavel Pešout, Lenka Tomášková

In 2004, an amendment to Act No. 114/1992 Gazette on Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection introduced payments for compensation for complication in agricultural, forest or fishpond management caused by nature conservation measures.

Thus, by introducing the instrument the Czech Republic joined the European countries which compensate to owners economic loss due to complicated management and production in various ways and volumes. Moreover, since the very beginning implementation of the payments has been facing a lot of problems, e.g. assessments when the payment is really justifiable, the character of economic loss, etc. The question whether governmental bodies have to be also compensated was also debated. The way how to calculate financial/monetary value of the compensation was one of the most difficult issues the State Nature Conservancy has been dealing with. Although the payment for compensation in non-industrial production has been a part of the Czech Republic´s rule of law for ten years, they have been under development because its application in practice has been raising new questions.