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jeskyní ČR. V tištěné podobě vychází již od roku 1946.

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Péče o přírodu a krajinu

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Zajíček P.: Changes in the Výpustek Cave

autor: Petr Zajíček

Zajíček P.: Changes in the Výpustek Cave

The Výpustek Cave in the Moravský kras/Moravian Karst is a remarkable cave system, which has been a show cave for five years. Under a technical supervision of the Cave Administration of the Czech Republic, a visitor path has been under construction at the site presenting to visitors sites troubled history.

From the 1930s, the Výpustek Cave had been used for military purposes, initially by the Czechoslovak Army, then, during the World War II, the Nazi state, also referred to as the Third Reich built a underground factory producing aircraft engine devices there. In the 1960s, the site was again owned by the Czechoslovak Army. Non-aesthetical and undesirable deposits are step by step being removed from the cave. In 2006, a new wiring was built there, funded by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. The Cave Administration of the Czech Republic introduced along a show route boards with technical information on the Výpustek Caves palaeontological significance. The continuously extending exhibition is a counterbalance to cheerless parts of the cave disturbed by human activities.