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Vítková M.: Black Locust Growth Management

autorka: Michaela Vítková

Vítková M.: Black Locust Growth Management

The article deals with Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) stands management.

It proposes three approaches: (a) Leaving old Black Locust growths in the disintegration phase to natural succession, if Black Locust is not dangerous for surrounding habitats (mostly steppes, sands or open forest communities); (b) Allowing Black Locust growths to grow, to cut-out coppice shoots regularly from surroundings. This is suitable for the intensive agricultural landscape; (c) Removing the Black Locust growths occurring in naturally valuable areas, e.g. thermophilous dry grasslands, sand grasslands, thermophilous oak or boreo-continental pine forests. The approach also includes controlling Black Locust regeneration for 3–5 years. Applying different methods of Black Locust removal is evaluated by comparison of the experience raised in neighbouring countries. As the most effective, the combination of mechanical and chemical methods is recommended by the author. The ability of recovery in natural species composition in forest and non-forest habitats is discussed.