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Péče o přírodu a krajinu

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Ježková M.: The Common Raven – a Despicable Bird Species?

autorka: Martina Ježková

Ježková M.: The Common Raven – a Despicable Bird Species?

Common Raven (Corvus corax), also known as the Northern Raven attacks on grazing livestock, particularly cattle kept outside building throughout the whole year, has been more and more reported from the Czech Republic.

Because pursuant to Article 48 of Act No. 114/1992 Gazette on Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection, as amended later (hereinafter ANCLP), the bird species is specially protected, classified as Threatened. Therefore, pursuant to Article 50, paragraph 2 of the ANCLP, it is prohibited to harmfully intervene to its natural development. Pursuant to Article 56, paragraph 2, letter b of the ANCLP, a breeder can apply for a statutory exemption from a prohibition in the Specially Protected wild animal species. Statutory exemption can be enacted by the State Nature Conservancy authority only if another public interest considerably overrides nature conservation interests or in the interest of nature conservation itself, provided that other cumulative conditions are met: (1) due to reasons given at Article 56, paragraph 2, letter b of the ANCLP, to prevent serious damages, particularly to livestock; (2) if there is no other satisfactory solution; (3) if the activities permitted do not affect reaching or maintaining a favourable conservation status within the respective species. The Broumovsko/Broumov Region and Slavkovský les Mts. Protected Landscape Area (PLA) Administrations have recently enacted such statutory exemptions to prevent serious damage to livestock as well as the Křivoklátsko/Křivoklát Region PLA Administration to protect wild animals.