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Hátle M.: Nature Conservation and Water Management Facilities in the Třeboň Basin Protected Landscap

v CHKO Třeboňsko

autor: Miroslav Hátle

Hátle M.: Nature Conservation and Water Management Facilities in the Třeboň Basin Protected Landscap

Since the catastrophic floods which occurred in 1997, 2002 respectively, the State Nature Conservancy has been challenged by requirement for building new flood prevention, protection and control facilities also in the open landscape in the Czech Republic including the Třeboň Basin Protected Landscape Area (PLA), South Bohemia. Nature-based or close-to-nature flood prevention, protection and control measures are a priority for the State Nature Conservancy.

Many studies have confirmed the importance of fishpond systems and the Lužnice River floodplain to store water and to slow the floods. Although the ability is a significant ecosystem service, it has certain limitation: therefore, it is often combined by technological measures. The Třeboň Basin PLA harbours the landscape influenced by humans where the water regime had significantly been modified, particularly by building fishponds a long time ago. The recent important flood prevention, protection and control measures have aimed at restoration of water facilities maintaining their original principle, together with current technologies. A dam on the Nová řeka/New River, an artificial canal built in the late 16thcentury, was stabilized and isolated in three phases in 2003 – 2010. Weirs at the Novořecké splavy Weirs, also known as the Rozvodí/Divide, were also significantly restored. The above measures are crucial for protection of the Rožmberk Fishpond and its use for retention of flood waters and protection of municipalities along the Lužnice River in the northern PLAs part. The works were carried out in the Stará řeka/Old River National Nature Reserve, because the Czech Republics Government statutory exemption from the Act No. 114/1992 Gazette on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape, as amended later: they were supervised by the State Nature Conservancy authorities. The functioning of the facilities was appreciated during the flood in early June 2013, classified as a twenty-year flood. In addition to the above facilities, many fishponds including the Rožmberk Fishpond have recently been significantly restored. Thus, the Třeboň Basin PLA is an example of reasonable combination of interests both of nature conservation and water management. Nevertheless, that would not be the case in other regions. Within the procedure of issuing permits including the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure, the State Nature Conservancy authorities have to carefully seek for the most appropriate solutions and set the conditions for flood prevention, protection and control facilities, so that phenomena protected and conserved in the respective areas are not neither damaged, nor destroyed.