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Görner T.: NOBANIS – A Database on Invasive Alien Species

autor: Tomáš Görner

Görner T.: NOBANIS – A Database on Invasive Alien Species  

The voluntary project NOBANIS (North European and Baltic Network on Invasive Alien Species) is one of the European databases on invasive alien species (IAS).

The project is an initiative of North, Central and partially also West European countries. At present, 20 countries and autonomous areas are involved in it. The Czech Republic has been a NOBANIS member since 2010, the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic being a National Focal Point. The database includes data o 8,281 terrestrial, freshwater and marine species (the Czech Republic supplied data on 500 species). In addition to the free access database, the fact sheets on 65 species providing more detailed information on them, information on pan-European, European Union and national regulations on IAS and IAS photo bank can be found at www.nobanis.org. The webpage also offers a simple interactive identification key on marine animals as well as early warning and rapid response system. The NOBANIS gateway is used by other European initiatives, e.g. by EASIN and GISD and has inspired a database on IAS in South and East Europe (ESENIAS).