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Böhnisch R.: Nature Conservation in Lebanon

autor: Robin Böhnisch

Böhnisch R.: Nature Conservation in Lebanon

Nature conservation has been developing in Lebanon since 1991 when the civil war ended.

There is a wide range of nature reserves and other protected areas in the country. Reserves are declared by the Parliament pursuant to a law. NGOs and local communities play a key role in nature conservation, namely in managing the protected areas. Traditionally, the State Nature Conservancy authorities and NGOs aim at forest growths including those of cedars of Lebanon and other tree species in the Mount Lebanon. The Al Shouf UNECSO Biosphere Reserve is the Lebanese largest protected area covering 5% of the country’s whole territory. In addition, Lebanon has been protecting Mediterranean coastal ecosystems. The author expresses his thanks to Mr Jhonny Bou Ghosn for huge help and to Dr. Nabil Haddad, the MAPAS General Manager, for kind permission to take photos in the famous Jeita caves.