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Böhnisch R.: Nature Conservation in Israel

autor: Robin Böhnisch

Böhnisch R.: Nature Conservation in Israel

There has been a clear quality shift in nature conservation in Israel since its foundation. Israel now protects approximately 20% of its area. Since 1998 the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority has been managing the national parks and reserves.

National parks protect sights of historical interest and the surrounding environments, in particular, while the nature reserves maintain mainly natural values. The country is divided into several biogeographical regions to protect nature and the landscape. They include the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee, Galilee valleys and Mount Carmel and the Sea of Galilee, Central Israel, the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea, the Negev and Eilat region. The Mt. Hermon National Reserve is considered to be located at the highest altituide, the lowest being Ein Gedi by the Dead Sea.